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About Rugbytots

Dynamic weekly play sessions for boys and girls aged 2-7.

Make your child's development more fun!

Our fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination with engaging and energetic coaches supporting them every step of the way whilst teaching how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.

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Our motto

Our motto is simple; "make it more fun". We do this by delivering our specifically designed programme for each age group with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. This creates an atmosphere in the class that is totally unique and engaging for parents and children alike.

Bobby Skinstad

Ex-Springbok Captain Bobby Skinstad says...

"Rugbytots sessions are full of energy and fun. The games are imaginative, exciting and it’s a great introduction to Rugby."

Hanyani Shimange

Ex-Springbok Player Hanyani Shimange says...

"Rugbytots is a fantastic start for youngsters wanting to take part in a team sport. If you want your kids to get some exercise and learn the values of friendship while having lots of fun, then Rugbytots is perfect."

James Dalton

Ex-Springbok Player James Dalton says...

"The venue we go to is friendly and welcoming. The classes are fun, interactive and I would recommend Rugbytots for awareness, motor skill development, team work and learning how to follow instructions as well as all round fun!"


What to expect...

"Be prepared to run across the jungle, wade through the quick sand or sprint through Rugbytots Valley avoiding all the smoking boulders. Get ready to protect your egg, launch a missile or attack the pirates and seize the ship, all this of course, whilst trying to avoid the evil side lines!"


Age 2-3½ - 30 mins

Our youngest classes require full parent participation and offer a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with your child whilst they learn new skills, meet new friends and have an exciting introduction to Rugby.

Its fast-paced fun and your child will learn about shapes, colours, numbers and counting, they will be encouraged to work independently as well as enjoying team games. Rugby specific skills are gently introduced and all the equipment used in these classes has been specifically designed and selected for toddlers.

We use sponge foam balls so the children can catch, pass and kick their goals with confidence. Its colourful, it's lively and it's guaranteed to brighten up your day.


Age 3½–5 – 45 mins

These classes do not require full parent participation, however, cheering and encouragement is essential! Your Rugbytot will be part of a dynamic session that will develop their social and physical skills in a positive environment.

With slightly more focus on Rugby specific skills, your Rugbytot will discover a new world of sporting imagination. Finding space, looking after the ball, scoring try's, running with the ball in two hands and general agility and balance are just some of the things your child will learn during their time with us.

In this class we use colourful size 2 rugby balls that are specially designed for small hands and feet.


Age 5 – 7 – 45 mins

Our older age group classes really start to prepare children for life after Rugbytots. The same structure is followed but these sessions involve advanced team games and we ensure that the basic skills of rugby are coached in the right way by maintaining small class numbers.

The Programme for this age range focuses on fun and encouragement whilst enhancing self-esteem and confidence.

The rules of tag rugby will be gently introduced and every session will include a game of tag rugby preparing your child perfectly for their next adventure.

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